19 março 2018

Silicone Fish Molds

Today I come to talk about something different, but that is linked to the world of sweets, where this blog fits: Silicone Candy Molds.

Anyone who ventures into the kitchen knows that this is a world of options. Whether for professional or personal reasons, there is always the desire to go further, to invent or do new things.

These silicone molds that I present to you delight any child or adult. They are small fish and can serve for decoration of cupcakes, decoration of cakes, to be part of a children's party of the sea theme, can serve only for the pleasure of spending a few hours with your child in the kitchen and have lots of fun.


Each package includes 3 trays - 1 red, 1 blue and 1 green - with 40 cavities in each tray, totaling 120 cavities.

With the package also come some recipes, you will receive a free PDF recipe emailed to you through amazon.

Silicone Fish Molds Are BPA-FREE, and can be used for gummy fish, chocolate fish, ice fish, or even soap and hard candy fish 

Can you imagine the possibility that you have with this Silicone Fish Molds? 

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